Wednesday, March 7, 2012


This week has found me inserted in the middle of two pretty big projects with very different clients.  One is single and sassy, living in a fabulous cottage overlooking the Hudson River while the other is a young, hip, incredibly busy couple in the throws of moving, building a business and raising two kids under the age of 10.  While these clients are as different as black and white paint swatches, their goals are the same; to create comfortable, inviting spaces without breaking the bank.  That means it's time for me to get creative by re-using and repurposing items I find in their homes. I think my years of hunting for hidden Christmas presents taught me how to find interesting jewels where you'd least expect them.  I remember one year in particular (the year I begged Santa to bring me a Barbie Camper) as I crawled around my moms closet searching for clues, I happened upon one of her unique designs, an early 19th century crock filled with purses.  For some reason, even in my eight year old mind, I thought repurposing the crock was a really cool idea and for just a second I forgot about hunting for hidden presents.  While I usually don't crawl around closets, I still try to find hidden treasures in clients homes, usually starting in garages, storage units or attics.  This week I turned a beautiful double paned window into a coffee table (placed plexi glass on top and used banister supports from the hardware store as legs), took extra curved, terra cotta roof tiles found in a basement and used them as wine storage by flipping upside down and stacking them and with an old ladder came up with a new trick by positioning it next to a guest bed as a night stand.  Sometimes sneaking into the dark, hidden spots in your home will help you move in the right (design) direction!