Monday, March 19, 2012


I was a little surprised when I met a client who loved spending time in her closet (we'll call her Lezzie).  She spent hours upon hours, she told me, sitting in her warm, comfy cocoon-like space.  She felt comfort in surrounding herself with the things she loved; blue jeans, sneakers, button down monogrammed shirts and leather belts.  When I first dipped my head into the space I was transported back to my childhood and the familiar scent of moms purse that always smelled like Spearmint gum flavored leather!  But this tight space wasn't a sassy Gucci handbag, it was dark, dingy and in dire need of organization.  While Lezzie enjoyed spending time on her hands and knees in the closet organizing bits and pieces of her life, she failed to make sense with the rest of the chaos that surrounded her.  Belts were tucked into shoes as though she was heading off on a trip, laundry was tossed on the floor, purses hidden under sweaters and t-shirts.  She called it organized chaos and I called it an unorganized mess.  Because we didn't have the luxury or funds to expand her closet, we had to get creative in making it a space Lezzie would feel comfortable coming in and out of (and spending time in if necessary).  We hopped in her truck, headed to the Home Depot and picked up Peg Board for $9.99 for a 4' x 6' sheet.  By attaching the peg board to the walls and adding "S" hooks (inserted in the holes of the peg board) we were able to create vertical organizational space for hanging purses, belts, t-shirts and everything else this closet lover ignored.  So if you are prone to spending time in your closet, make it as comfortable as you can!