Thursday, March 29, 2012


It's spring break for just about everyone in America and boy oh boy would I love to head to an Island for a little R & R, but instead I'm stuck searching for a little R & R for a clients new kitchen (Ranges and Refrigerators).  Ever head off to the mall for a pair of shoes but return with jeans, a new cellphone and cramps from eating too much at the diner?  Well, the same often happens with me when shopping for clients; I'll head out in search of floors, for example, for client X but find the perfect lighting for client Y.  Today was no different as I slipped into one of my favorite stores in Southern California (Cost Plus World Market) searching for a thank you gift for a friend.  With clients on the brain, I stumbled upon incredibly cool, simply designed HALF OFF work tables that would make great kitchen islands.  Cost Plus had a wonderful selection of work tables from all metal to all wood and everything in between.  Hiring a contractor to make one for me would cost more than a first class ticket to the Bahamas, but for less than brunch with friends (well, brunch with many friends...$119.00) I can add a multi-purpose work station to this kitchen without bursting my budget bubble.  Next time you plan on visiting an island, take a trip around the worldwide web
QUICK TIP: if you find a great coffee table at a garage sale or in the "as is" section at Ikea, think about extending the legs to counter height to transform it into a perfect island for your kitchen.  I've also used outdoor garden tables (the sinks used for cleaning vegetables are perfect for using as a wet bar or prep sink), old but interesting dressers (by adding casters to the bottom and stainless steel to the top for cutting) and dining room tables found at estate stales or antique stores (again, add casters to raise them to counter level or add new legs).  It's easier than you think to escape a bland kitchen by adding an exotic island.