Monday, March 26, 2012


Who says you can't put baby in the corner (three hundred for cheesy movie lines, Alex!)?  When decorating small spaces you've got to make every inch count, pay attention to every nook and cranny and, if necessary, create a warm escape in a tight corner.  Take these two very different rooms, for example, where every inch of space is used in a smart, creative my opinion, of course!  In the top photo a once ignored, cramped corner in a master bedroom becomes warm and inviting by adding Benjamin Moore's "Deep Chocolate Mousse" to the walls and a comfy chair to create a reading nook.  A bedroom space is created in the second photo in an otherwise unused portion of a loft by using a warm grey tone on the walls (Behr's whisper grey in flat from the Home Depot) and by placing the bed under the eave of the roof, an intimate cocoon-like sleeping area is achieved.  Brighten things up by adding pops of color, a dramatic print on the floor and for less than $200 a guest room was created.  So, what's happening in your corner of the world?  Have a trouble space or nook you transformed? Send your pictures my way!  Next week I'll share some creative ideas other readers have sent in!