Thursday, February 23, 2012


In the world of design sometimes necessity trumps aesthetics and, thankfully, that's usually when an interior designer like me steps in to help quiet the chaos and make sense of the nonsense.  Welcome to my life this lovely February day and the mess of a kitchen I've landed myself in.  Because the owners of the home are both clients and friends, I want to be clear that my job is not to ridicule, mock or belittle their design choices in any way (I'll save that for strangers).  Instead, I want to help them turn this rough place into a shiny diamond they'll appreciate for years.  So, where to start, you might ask?  The last time a handyman's tool stepped into this kitchen shoulder pads were in, leg warmers were hot and everyone loved WHAM and Debbie Gibson.  It was the 80's and while we've come a long way from stretch pants, bad perms, side ponytails and anything LA Gear, this kitchen has not.  When this house of eight needed two new ovens, well, they just slapped them on the end of a wall, blocking half of a bay window.  After I put down my Rubik's Cube, I'm going to jump on my new favorite APP (Live Interior 3D for $19.99) and try to design my way out of this eighties mess and into a brighter future...stay tuned!
QUICK TIP: I've mentioned the free design services Lowe's offers before, but if you'd rather take control yourself, the APP store has several design APP's that are inexpensive, easy to use and will have you saying "Rad" before the puff leaves your parachute pants.  Home 3D is my favorite for the iPad ($5.99) and, as mentioned above, Live Interior 3D is great for iMac.  Don't lose your mind in a bad design, take  control!!