Friday, February 17, 2012


The old saying, "you never know what you've got until it's gone" goes a long, long way!  2,600 miles to be exact!  While I have definitely embraced my New York state of mind, I long for the ease of life in LA from time to time.  Sure, I don't miss the homeless man I caught urinating on my bumper in Beverly Hills  or the lady at the grocery store who always referred to me as "Mrs."  I don't miss the smog, the earthquakes or the constant noise of celebrity nonsense.  I do, however, miss having a Starbucks on every corner, valet parking at IHop and access to some of the best design resources in the world.  Whether I needed to outfit an entire bathroom for a diva or find the perfect toilet seat for a big ass, I could source it all within minutes of my driveway.  An hour north of Manhattan, however, it aint that easy!  Sure we've left the buzz of helicopters behind in exchange for chirps of hummingbirds and cardinals, the abandoned grocery cart in our front yard has been replaced by deer droppings, but those country pleasantries come at a cost of modern conveniences.  Furnishing a small cottage, for example, often takes herculean efforts, so I've been forced to get creative in my sourcing. Former clients in LA would scream, vomit and eventually pass out if they heard where I bought my latest design find...THE SALVATION ARMY!  My new client, however, let out a yelp of pure delight when she discovered I paid less than $10 for two end tables.  Scratched and tattered, these two tables weathered many a storm, but I snatched them up, slapped a new coat of paint on them and added cork to the tops for an interesting, unique look.  While I miss LaLa Land and all it offers, I went totally ga ga for these great finds!
QUICK TIP: cork can make a boring piece far more interesting in just a few minutes AND you won't need coasters!  I found 1/2 " cork board at the Home Depot (comes in rolls like wallpaper), grabbed a can of contact cement at Michael's Arts & Crap store around the corner, cut to fit and couldn't wait to grab a  drink and sit!