Tuesday, February 21, 2012


LIGHTEN UP! Dedicate a drawer in your kitchen or pantry to household necessities like glue, lightbulbs, tape and felt tip pads for your dining room chairs.  Once you have a go-to spot you'll never lose track of what you have or what you need!

PUTA RING ON IT! I used to discover my napkin rings AFTER the party, now that isn't a problem because I know just where they are!

EVEN THE LITTLE THINGS NEED A PLACE.If you're always misplacing the little meat thermometer,  measuring spoons or other tiny kitchen ware, make a drawer for the tiny things and you'll never make it a big deal finding them!

As I round the corner on completing the cottage kitchen renovation, I'm faced with the final task (and some would say most important) of organizing all the bits and pieces that bring a kitchen to life.  After all, a kitchen without tools is like a library without books, a truck with no engine or Snookie...in other words, POINTLESS!  It's no secret I love organizing as much as politicians enjoy delivering false hope or cheating, but being organized is one of the most important functions (in my opinion) in a kitchen.  Without organization, after all, how can you function in a kitchen?  While I LOVE the container store (www.containerstore.com) the products don't come cheap and I've achieved the same level of drawer organization using everyday items like tupperware storage containers, ziploc bags and paint trays.  When organizing someones space I like to interview them ala Barbara Walters; how do you move through the space, what inspires you, where are you when the kitchen is full, etc.  In the tight space I've been working in for the last month my client has baking pans in her bathroom, utensils in her living room and the rest just falls wherever she deemed appropriate until I entered the scene.  Spending a little time organizing will save big time in the future.  Napkins, napkin rings and all other things TABLE go right next to the utensil drawer, located next to the dishwasher.  Organizing is also a great opportunity to take inventory of what you have, what you're missing and what you might need.  In our home, for example, if Joe can't find something he goes right out and buys another one.  Why do we have three drill drivers, four blenders and three juicers?  Someone (and we won't mention names) misplaced them at some point, got frustrated searching and went out and bought new.  An organized life is not only freeing, but can be incredibly economical!