Thursday, February 2, 2012

Make a big statement in the bedroom

Why not make a big splash in the bedroom, I say? No matter what you've heard Dr. Ruth preach, bigger is often much, much better, especially in the bedroom!  Take this tiny Manhattan pad, for example, where the ceiling height is actually greater than the square footage (ceilings in this 10x10 room are 14' tall), so if we can't go out we might as well go straight up!  The platform bed in this room, as small as it is, was dwarfed by the enormous ceilings, so to make a dramatic impact we added an over sized canvas.  Instead of purchasing tacky poster art or spending a fortune, I headed to the Home Depot and purchased a canvas drop cloth for $9.99, built a frame out of 2x4 pieces of wood, stretched the canvas and stapled it to the back.  For the design I drew inspiration from an old Art History book and in a few big strokes created a huge impact in this small space.
QUICK TIP: The old school projectors we used to have in elementary school can be purchased on ebay for as little as $10 or new versions are available in arts and crafts stores.  Find an image you love, place it on the projector and trace it directly onto a wall or canvas for instant, dramatic, inexpensive art!