Friday, February 24, 2012

Forcing the issue

Last week I blogged about forcing branches from our yard to create lovely, pre-spring beauties indoors long before the bulbs pop outside.  I also did a little complaining about the incredibly dry winter we've had in the northeast, and one short week later our neighborhood has seen two big changes.   The vibrant yellow of the forsythia branches have dropped a much-needed burst of color in our otherwise drab February living room and, much to my delight, we woke up this morning to the great white surprise of several inches of snow in our front yard.  The incredible contrast in color sparked my creative juices, so I decided to brighten up an old piece of furniture for a client with a few splashes of yellow.
To brighten up this old beauty I added a splash of yellow with Benjamin Moore's "Banana Yellow." While I typically stray from Benjamin Moore products when trying to save on a tight design budget (usually $65/gallon compared to Home Depot and Lowe's brands around $20/gallon) I tend to splurge on the more expensive paint when working with furniture.  A little high gloss glam and a throw pillow from Home Goods for $19.99 and this old Queen Anne chair looks like a young, hip diva!