Monday, February 27, 2012


I recently asked a client to go out on a limb and trust me in her bedroom.  The task: breathe new life into her drab space for under $100.  Since I'm not one to shy away from a challenge, I dove right in and got to work coming up with inexpensive, interesting ways to transform her tiny room. While paint is often a quick, cheap way to spruce up walls, it just wasn't going to cut it in this room.  Because money doesn't grow on trees, we can't afford the labor to hang sassy wallpaper, so that idea went out the window before I stepped in the door.  Then I got to thinking about a staging job I did last fall where I purchased reusable wallpaper for a bathroom to add drama without taking a drastic hit to the budget.  A huge advantage to using wall decals and reusable wallpaper, unlike real wallpaper which is applied with glue, is they can easily be removed without harming the walls.  Urban Outfitters has a great line of reusable wallpaper and wall decals, but I found them much cheaper on  This 100"x44" wall decal of a tree limb cost $59.95, took less than half an hour to apply to the wall and created a lasting impression.
QUICK TIP: Another great way to create interesting wall art is to rent or purchase a projector (Office Max, Staples, etc. rent them for $5/day), draw something you love on a plastic piece of paper then trace it onto your walls.  It's fun, cheap and totally transforms a space!