Friday, January 13, 2012


I'm not a snob. Truly, I am not. But no matter how hard I try, I just can't bring myself to do certain things like dine at an all you can eat restaurant, fly Southwest Airlines across the country, drink Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, wear a track suit in public or SHOP AT WALMART! I know they spent a fortune to rebrand their look, freshen up the stores and try to appeal to a softer, more gentle crowd. Well, that crowd is far from "soft and gentle" and I've been in many, many walmart's around this lovely country. Every time I walk into one I feel like I'm going to be robbed, beat up or dismembered. OK, maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but if you have an opportunity to visit both a walmart AND a Target in the same day, get back to me on your thoughts about the cleanliness, the employees and the clientele. That said, I have been blown away by a few things I've found at walmart. That means, you guessed it, that I've been shopping at hell-mart recently. I love to pop into antiques stores of every kind looking for great deals and, on occasion, I'll stroll the aisles of hell-mart looking for hidden treasure. Two years ago, for example, I found great stock pots made by LODGE cookware, so I snapped one up for Joe for $45 and he uses it almost every night. This weeks experience with the big W was a surprisingly lovely one. Well, strike that. I headed into a store about thirty miles north of us and immediately turned around when I smelled vomit and could see the lines were longer than security at JFK. I headed home, logged onto and was pleased to land on my greatest new find. Once you create an online profile with the department (takes about five minutes), you can upload and order photos for either one hour, same day or next day pick-ups at no extra charge. To test this service from keyboard to in-store checkout, I ordered an 11x14 poster. I clicked the option to "text" me when the order was ready and, low and behold, an hour later I received a text from walmart, drove to our nearest store and for $5.99 and NO HASSLE at all, I had a fantastic poster and snapped up a snazzy frame on my way out for $5! For a client with an amazing photo collection, I've suggested we scan them, upload them to the walmart/photo site and create canvases (shown above) for a unique, inexpensive alternative to framing. An 11x14 canvas is only $19.96 and 16x20 is $29.96. Imagine your hallway with various sized canvases showing off your holidays, family gatherings and other favorite photos? Alert the media, I think I'm in love with a little mart called Wal!
TIME TO COMPLETE TASK: Two hours from download to pick-up
COST: $19.96 for a canvas version of my favorite photo
STRESS LEVEL: Finding creative ideas for cheap, cheap, cheap..LOW