Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tray Chic Tip

Sometimes I feel like I'm living in my own Happy Days spinoff, "Joanie Loves Tchotchke" because when I look around at all the things I've collected over the years, I just can't believe HOW MUCH I've accumulated.  My Yellowware infatuation started in college, assembling my Fiestaware dishes began around the same time, lusterware, jadeite, vintage posters, camping memorabilia...well, the list goes on and on and on.  But, I love everything and like to think I have tasteful, classic pieces.  I've also convinced myself that someday I will have ten houses, each themed to incorporate my knick knack perfectly.  Until I strike it rich, though, I have to make do with the limited amount of square footage we have.  I spend most of my days helping clients squeeze as much room into their tiny spaces and I do the same at home.  For example, a hutch I picked up at an antique store in upstate New York for $65 serves dual purposes in my home office.  The lower, concealed section houses my wireless printer, paper, ink cartridges and other office supplies, while the upper section displays some of my favorite vintage pieces. To make room for everything (I also do this in our kitchen) I incorporate cool metal trays I found at the Pasadena Swap Meet in California for $2/each and using them to separate stacked glasses, spices and other goodies.  I'd hate to hide my favorite things in a dark cabinet, so these cool trays allow me to display my chic things!
COST: Vintage trays with floral pattern can be found in just about any antique store from $1=10/each
QUICK TIP: If you're tight on space and heavy on tchotchke's like I am, get creative in your organization by incorporating the pieces where you normally wouldn't.  Use an antique sugar bowl to store paper clips in your office, let that great vintage cocktail shaker double as a vase or find a chic way to repurpose that tray!