Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tip of the Ice (cream) berg

I've written about this great company before, but it still ranks as one of my favorite gifts to give.  Now, if the recipient lives in Alaska or the Rockies, I'd suggest a warmer treat, but then again ice cream, especially Graeters, can be enjoyed year-round!  It's easy for any of us to slip into a post-holiday, middle of winter BLAH mood, so why not brighten someones day by sending this cool treat? www.graeters.com sells a variety of delicious flavors of ice cream and sorbet, packs the pints in coolers and usually delivers the day after an order is placed! Want a special snack for the big game next Sunday or a last minute birthday surprise, ice cream is guaranteed to be the LAST thing anyone would expect to receive and probably the favorite. By the way, if ice cream isn't your cup of tea, Graeters sells other delicious treats too!  So wipe away the winter blues by sending a little bucket of something cool!
TIME TO COMPLETE TASK: Orders placed online usually ship the following day for one day arrival.
COST: Minimum order of six pints range from $60-$80.
QUICK TIP: Try to think outside of the regular Valentine's Day Box of chocolate and order something sweet, like six pints of red sorbet??  Whatever you choose, the recipient will love the gift and think you're pretty cool for sending something original!