Thursday, January 12, 2012

This tip takes the cake!

The beginning of 2012 has found me with nothing but kitchen on the brain (and what a-holes the Republicans are, but that's for another blog..). Designing a kitchen is one of my favorite spaces to attack in a home because, hands down, it is where we store the most crapola in our homes. If I had a dollar for every drawer I've opened in a clients (or friends) kitchen and found items that had absolutely nothing to do with that room, I'd be a millionaire. Now batteries, rubber bands, coupons, tape and other like-products are expected in a Kitchen, but hair scrunchies, tampons, condoms and socks have ABSOLUTELY NO PLACE in the kitchen. And, yes, I've seen THEM ALL! As I hunker down to design a small cottage kitchen this month, I'm faced with my favorite task of finding creative storage solutions in tight spaces. My client just happens to have fantastic taste and wonderful family heirlooms and doesn't mind if I put them on display. Take this fabulous cake platter, for example, I pulled out of her basement and suggested we use as an organizational station next to her cooking area. Using the cake stand not only displays this beautiful piece, but creates an interesting (and organized) landing pad for things like cooking oil, spices, etc. So don't hide your treasures, pull them out and put them on display!
COST: $0
STRESS LEVEL: Getting creative for free: LOW