Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stop Bending Over!!!

I just remembered I actually know a person named Ben Dover. Isn't that strange? Well, as I recall, he was too. At any rate, as we roll out of 2011 and stroll into 2012 I've found myself with a cool, new job to get the year off to a real bang; destroying a kitchen and designing and building a new one on a very, very tight budget. So, I thought it would be interesting to take you along for the ride with me as I document the progress, shop for fun kitchen items and hopefully take a sad kitchen and turn it into a space my client will love. My first design meeting with the client is tomorrow, so I've popped on my iPad and created a quick room sketch using the fantastic, easy to use APP called HOME 3D (only $5.99!). This way I can sit with my client tomorrow morning and, with this sassy APP, manipulate the room, add furniture, appliances, etc. as we chat about taking her space from drab to fab. Isn't technology crazy? I know my client loves to cook but she's purchased a small cottage on the Hudson River, so big appliances are out of the question. Also, with a small budget big, expensive items are also OUT. Now, don't cringe when I say this, but Lowe's actually has a fantastic design department for Kitchens and Baths. Before my techno-licious iPad arrived on the scene, I used to go to Lowes, pretend to be a customer and have the associates draft a blueprint for me (a free service), then hand it to a client and we were off and running without needing to stop for a four year degree in drafting. For my budget conscious client I will suggest we save a little by placing Lowe's pre-built cabinets along one wall, hang open shelving above and, because she lives in a cute country cottage, use a bedroom armoire in her kitchen for dish and linen storage. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Back to my cook and her tiny kitchen. As I was brainstorming in the aisles of Lowe's I came across this sassy space AND back saver. Because she has heavy baking appliances, I found this fabulous heavy duty shelf unit that tucks underneath a cabinet and with ONE FINGER, can lift out and up while holding up to 75 pounds and lock into position, creating extra counter space. And the price, you ask? $125! You can beat your flower, but you can't beat saving this much dough!
TIME TO COMPLETE TASK: Installation takes about thirty minutes
COST: The appliance heavy-duty hideaway shelf at Lowe's is $125 and can be purchased online or in store
STRESS LEVEL: Saving your back and cash: LOW