Monday, January 9, 2012

Shaken not Pissed

A quick glance around our house and it's plain to see someone in here is a collector! I blame Martha Stewart for launching my fascination of yellow ware bowls, Fiesta ware dishes, Bauer pottery and jadeite vintage bowls during my freshman year in college. Yep, while most college aged kids were spending Saturdays searching for beer bongs, I was combing the aisles of antique stores all over Southern California searching for little gems. Years later (I can't bring myself to admit how many years!) I haven't slowed down searching for nibbles and bits to add to my ever-growing collectibles. I'm trying to raise the bar on one collection in particular, my vintage bar ware goodies. I love vintage everything from glassware and ice buckets to bar tools and cocktail shakers. As much as I love my cocktail shakers, and maybe you've experienced the same problem, when I use them I rarely am able to get the lids OFF. An engineer friend explained the problem to me but, true to form, I checked out midway through his explanation. Then, good old Santa Clause found this great Oxo stainless steel shaker at Bed Bath & Beyond. It's simple, clean design is no fuss, no muss, AND it gets the job done over and over without the lid sticking! And, we were pleasantly surprised to flip through the pages of Saveur Magazine and their 100 must-have tools of 2012 which placed this great little shaker at #6!! So, head out, grab an oxo and plan to shake away the pain!!!
TIME TO COMPLETE TASK: Order online or find in stores. Bed Bath & Beyond carries the Oxo shaker for $29.
COST: BB&B carries for $29 but you can find online for as low as $19.99!
STRESS LEVEL: Shake, shake, shaken all night long: LOW