Friday, January 27, 2012

Say it isn't Sew!

I'm about as good of a seamstress as our wonderful pup, Canyon (note, she doesn't have THUMBS!), so when Joe bought me a sewing machine a few years ago it was like buying Helen Keller a pair of reading glasses; a lovely thought but not terribly useful!  While I channel Betsy Ross with high hopes and big expectations of transferring my creative thoughts to fabric someday, today I need a quick solution for recovering some throw pillows for a client.  While rummaging through her basement looking for extra lighting, I came across spools and spools of vintage fabric.  If I hired the local upholsterer to make a few throw pillows, the cost could sky rocket beyond our budget (quotes ranged from $75-100 per pillow), so I flew down to Michael's Arts and Crafts store and picked up a few packages of sewing tape for $3.99/each.  I grabbed her old throw pillows, wrapped them with the retro fabric find from the basement and with a few strips of sassy tape, created fabulous pillows without lifting a stitch!
TIME TO COMPLETE TASK: Ten minutes each pillow
COST: $3.99 for tape.  Fabric was a sweet find in the basement for FREE
QUICK TIP: Before tossing out old fabric think of interesting ways to re purpose it like creating new pillow covers, drapery, recovering dining chairs or even framing pieces of it in a cool frame.  Getting creative is easier and CHEAPER than you might think!