Monday, January 23, 2012

Open your mind

It's Monday, so that means back to the idea board for the kitchen I'm designing this month in a cute, Hudson River cottage.  The bottom photo, while charming and very cottage, isn't terribly efficient.  And, while some might cringe at the thought of open cabinets or shelving, it can be a clean, hip look IF you are somewhat organized.  In this case, my client is single and doesn't have a lot of the knick knack the rest of us have, so open shelving is a great option AND it helps to lighten up the heavy wall in her kitchen. Our grand design plan doesn't stray from the original footprint too much, but I am adding approximately 5' of extra cabinet space (where the armoire is standing in the bottom photo) which will provide ample storage for cereal boxes, coffee filters and other unsightly items we won't want displayed on the shelves.  Also, by eliminating the upper cabinets I've drastically lowered the overall cost and impact on our design budget.  If you're still rolling your eyes, withhold judgement until you see the final product!
QUICK TIP: If you're remodeling your kitchen and don't have a huge budget but want to make a big impact, think about tweaking the cabinets.  If open shelving isn't your cup of tea, try removing some of the doors, replace them with clear glass or, depending on the style of your home, remove the center panel of the doors and replace them with chicken wire, stainless mesh or fabric.  It doesn't take a lot to make a big change!