Tuesday, January 31, 2012


OK, I'll admit this tip is going to sound like a bunch of bullsh*t, but stay with me for a second, if you will.  The world is an odd place sometimes and, well, so is Martha Stewart.  Twenty years ago (Jesus, how could it be) I received one of my first copies of Martha Stewart Living, featuring a story on choosing paint colors by....take a deep breath....matching EGGS.  After reading this piece, where Martha walked us through her chicken coop (because we all have one in our backyard) choosing her favorite eggs by color, I thought Martha had totally lost her marbles and gone koo koo for coo coo puffs.  The take away lesson from Dr. Diva was for all of us to draw inspiration for interior paint colors from eggs.  Oh Martha!  I thought she was about half a dozen eggs short of a full carton after reading that one, but twenty years later I met my (color) match.  In the strange way the world works, while I mocked Martha all those years ago, Joe was digging through the flock looking for the perfect eggs.  Yep, Joe not only worked for Martha at the time but helped produce that piece.  So, after wiping the egg off of my face, I decided to put this lesson to the test.  A dear friend of ours raises chickens on her property and offers the eggs to locals and recently I was lucky enough to get a dozen of these delicious, organic treats.  With color on the brain (I'm working with a client who hired me to choose paint colors for her entire house), I decided to start the day with a fresh, lovely omelet.  When I opened the carton I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful colors that sat in front of me.  Right there, half a cup of coffee into my day, I had my color palette for my client. I grabbed my favorite choices, ran to Lowe's and after a few awkward stares and giggles from the employees, walked out with two gallons of gorgeous paint colors!
QUICK TIP: If you find a color that inspires you GRAB ONTO IT and run to Lowe's or ACE Hardware  where they use a color matching machine, free of charge, to match whatever color you bring into the store.  A little birdie told me this was a GOOD THING!