Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oh, yes you CAN!

This tree makes 24 I've decorated so far this holiday, but something tells me I'll do a few more before old Saint Nick slides down the chimney next weekend! Christmas traditions are as varied as the people that celebrate this wonderful holiday. Some families cut a fresh tree on Christmas Eve while others, like me, decorate multiple trees the moment the Thanksgiving turkey is cleared from the table. Big, fat, small, skinny, fake or real, they come in all different shapes and sizes, and all have a story to tell. Take, for example, our sassy friend, Diana, who decorates six trees in her Hudson Valley home every year because she loves the colors, the process of unwrapping and hanging each ornament and the smile ignited by fond memories. I've mentioned many, many times in the past, I love for a tree to tell a story of the house it's living in...and Diana's do just that as I discovered while decking her halls with gay apparel. An ornament her son made in preschool still hangs with pride on the family tree twelve years later, tinsel purchased in 1975 glistens in the light as if freshly cut and with each unwrapped decoration came an even more colorful story. Then, there's the fun, unapologetic fake white Christmas tree in her kitchen. A Martha Stewart designed tree, Diana snapped this one up at a steal last year just days before Christmas. I suggested she hang all red and silver ornaments so they'd pop, and Diana had a great idea for an even bigger POP...coke cans! Initially I thought she'd had a bit too much caffeine, but as is the case in Interior Design, when you're passionate, you really can't go wrong. We washed a few dozen cans thoroughly and placed them on the tree with ornament hangers. Not only is Diana's tree unique, interesting and fun (just like her), but my experience decorating it was too, and will be one of those holiday moments I will cherish forever.
TIME TO COMPLETE TASK: One loses track when having fun..
COST: Martha tree in white was $250
STRESS LEVEL: Knowing that you CAN do it: LOW