Monday, August 17, 2009


Ever find yourself in a sticky design situation? A few weeks ago on a steamy summer day we found ourselves smack dab in the middle of an interior design disaster...anxious to rip out our enormous, inefficient fireplace to make room for a wood burning stove, we ripped down the old hood revealing a sticky, gooey brick wall behind it. I begged Joe to rehang the hood and promised to buy heavy winter sweaters for cool nights, but function trumped form and I lost my battle. Desperate for a solution to cover up our mess, I let my fingers do the walking through several design magazines and stole an idea from the latest THIS OLD HOUSE. Aspect Ideas ( makes a line of peel-and-stick metallic tiles. No grout means no pout! The tiles come in three colors for approximately $20/square foot. Next time you're feeling hot and bothered, chill out with sticky tiles!
TIME TO COMPETE TASK: Two hours to install tile on 9' x 4' wall
COST: $20/square foot at
STRESS LEVEL: Planning ahead for a hot winters night: LOW