Friday, August 28, 2009


In my quest to find the perfect wall coverings for a small bathroom in Manhattan, I mapped out my plan and hit the road in search of unique, interesting, inexpensive design ideas. All roads led to an Antique store just north of our house where I climbed through mountains of crap to find a pot of gold. Sitting in a bronze bowl were stacks of old National Geographic magazines filled with pull-out maps, so I grabbed a stack for less than $5, headed to the Home Depot for wallpaper glue and zipped down the highway whistling my victory song. Back in the city on easy street, I cut the maps to fit one wall, applied wallpaper glue to the back and began putting the pieces of the puzzle together (it doesn't matter if the maps are of the same area, just make sure the backgrounds are a similar color). In a few short hours I turned a dark corner of Manhattan into a bright room with a view of the world!
COST: Wallpaper glue from the Home Depot: $8, maps from Antique store: $3
STRESS LEVEL: Buying nice paper for the bathroom: LOW