Wednesday, July 8, 2009


In 28 days most people are able to get dry but on the east coast it's a different story. The 28 rainy days of June have rolled into a wet July where we're praying for a little sun and a lot of dry! While this Seattle-born boy loves to get wet, even I am starting to get a little upset! In sunny southern California home renovation projects are rarely interrupted by stormy weather, on the east coast our window of opportunity is tight. Before the ground starts to freeze in the fall, we rely on the few warm, dry months of summer to do it all. While we've attacked many projects, some depend on mother natures cooperation...for example, our outdoor painting project hasn't progressed in over a month because of the stormy conditions. The dark cloud over our house lifted this weekend so, naturally, we grabbed our tools and headed outside to build our new formal entry. While I was impressed with the amount of work we accomplished in such a short amount of time, I was most excited about the inexpensive windows we found at Lowe's. For less than $300 we purchased two wood framed storm windows...hopefully they'll arrive soon so we can close up our new room!
TIME TO COMPLETE TASK: Two weeks for delivery, stay tuned on installation time
COST: $135.95 for the Pella ProLine Storm Windows at Lowes
STRESS LEVEL: Finding perfect windows at a low, low price: LOW