Monday, July 13, 2009


On my way to our social center this morning (the Post Office) I passed the sign above proving that even in these tough economic times where everyones trying to make a buck, you can still find free crap everywhere! Because I couldn't figure out what to do with manure...make a shit sandwich? Roll up a poo ball and throw it at our Governor? Put some in an envelop and send it to George Bush for getting us into this pile of bile in the first place? While those seemed like interesting choices, I passed my sign of opportunity, headed to the Post Office and off to work to help a lovely lady organize her crap. Just when I thought the day was starting to stink I came up with a few free design ideas for my client. In a box of goodies from her grandmother we came across old table cloths and I thought how beautiful the fabric would be on her dining room chairs (just remove the seats and fabric, cut a piece big enough to wrap the seat like a present and staple gun it to the back). In her basement I found a gorgeous old frame so pulled it out of the dump pile and hung it on her living room wall with a sconce in the middle. Hidden behind the frame was a blank canvas and a few cans of spray paint so I ran outside, grabbed a handful of twigs and sticks, threw them on the canvas in no particular order and spray painted over them. The design left behind was interesting, colorful and FREE. The painted twigs and sticks created a modern, clean arrangement in a vintage vase. So, if you're down in the dumps because you don't think you have the cash to design, look around your stash and create something divine!
COST: Zero
STRESS LEVEL: Gettin shit for free: LOW