Friday, July 31, 2009


This week I finally came out...outside, that is, to work on the exterior of our new entry before the elements of the northeast summer destroyed our efforts. Sure, I'm a friend of Dorothy, but this week (hell, this summer) it has felt like our house was dropped in the middle of Oz. Wind, rain, thunder, lightening, a few witches...and all of the things that are frightening, made the task of buttoning up our entry challenging. Equipped with the proper tools we came out to make life on the inside better. **Also see yesterday's video for a tour of the inside!**

TIME TO COMPLETE TASK: Two days to install cedar shakes. Start by installing first row on the BOTTOM and make it a double! Heading up, space shakes seven inches apart vertically and give a small space between each horizontally. For tight spots cut shakes with a box cutter.

COST: A box of treated cedar shakes at the Home Depot: $165 (two boxes to cover 100 square feet). If you don't live in harsh weather climates, both the Home Depot and Lowe's offer less expensive alternatives to cedar outdoor shakes starting at $35/bundle. QUICK TIP: For a country kitchen or beach pad, install treated cedar shakes as a back splash or shake an entire wall to create an interesting focal point!

STRESS LEVEL: Working through out of control weather: High