Friday, July 17, 2009


This morning on our routine walk through the woods we had an unwelcome visitor: humidity! You know summer has officially arrived in the northeast when 8:30 AM feels like a hot, damp, monsoonal Vietnam! After 32 solid days of rain the clouds have parted to reveal the steamy, sticky, muggy and buggy dog days of summer. Winter for this native west coaster wasn't a problem but the humidity, especially when living in a house without air conditioning, makes me want to scream...but I don't have the energy! Besides ruining my mood, humidity can also destroy wood floors and furniture, increase the spread of harmful bacteria and produce mold. Nice. Happy summer! To avoid these nasty space invaders we headed to Lowe's and purchased a Dehumidifier (I had no clue what these were until we experienced the beast of summer in the east). If you live anywhere east of the Hollywood sign a dehumidifier is an essential 24 hours they can remove up to 25 pints of water from the air! Even if you have air conditioning, placing a dehumidifier in your basement can help remove other harmful bacteria. Damp, mildewy closets not only ruin clothes but can be breeding grounds for nasty creatures. If you don't want to spend the money on a dehumidifier (they range from $154-350) purchase a box of chalk, bundle it up with a rubber band, wrap a ribbon around it and hang it in your closet. The white stuff that once tormented you in math class will absorb extra moisture, keep your clothing fresh all day and will make the hot days of summer less of a bummer!
COST: Box of chalk $3.00, Frigidaire 25-pint Dehumidifier at Lowe's: $154.00
STRESS LEVEL: Cooling my hot temper: LOW