Friday, July 10, 2009


OH YAY, I finally figured out how to show you our foyer! For whatever reason the video I shot was taking an incredibly long time to upload to Google's blogger system but I finally discovered the problem...apparently I took an incredibly long time to tour our foyer! Google prefers quick, concise chatter and the five minute video I shot of our lovely project was, well, too gay much! So, I shut myself down, focused and did a quick tour...hope you like it! This weekend...the kitchen walls are coming down...YAY!

TIME TO COMPLETE TASK: Three days to figure out video situation..but if you need a fun camera for the summer purchase the FLIP camera (I've already blogged about this one) but it's great, inexpensive and incredibly easy to use.

COST: Flip cameras at Best Buy, Target, etc. $99.00

STRESS LEVEL: Three days to figure out my video problem: MEDIUM