Tuesday, June 2, 2009


If you're like me, you enjoy security checkpoints at airports just about as much as you'd enjoy a colonoscopy...you know you've got to do it, but there's nothing fun about the process! With technology growing in leaps and bounds post 9/11, screening machines have become so advanced they can see well beyond your leather Louis, through your clothes and all the way to your hoo hoo hooey! So, last week, when passing through New York's LaGuardia airport, I didn't think twice about asking security what they thought about my colon (assuming, of course, the screeners caught it!). I think they were a bit backed up that day because they failed to see the humor in my comment. A week later I'm faced with yet another tedious screening process. This time, however, I have an easy solution. Despite the high security in our home (two big dogs) we're worried about leaving our electronics in plain sight for fear they might suddenly take flight!
To help secure our electronics I placed them in an old cabinet, removed the wood panels in the middle of the doors (so remote controls work while doors are closed) and replaced them with metal screens from the Home Depot (attach with small screws or liquid nails). After adding new knobs to complete the look, we've added an extra level of security and an interesting piece to our house.
COST: Handles: $2.75/each, Metal Screen $5/yard
STRESS LEVEL: Able to pass through screening with ease: LOW