Thursday, June 4, 2009


While lounging in the east wing of our house last night ("wing" meaning small room we use as a den on the east side of our home) enjoying Brian Williams in-depth tour of the White House, I thought to myself, Bo (the Obama's puppy) is one lucky dog! Despite the stress and strife that swirls around the halls of the nations home on a daily basis, BoBama bounces around the chaos with ease. While the auto industry struggles to get back on track, the real estate market tries to keep the walls from tumbling down and banks pray to strike gold, Bo can lift his leg with pride because his industry is thriving. With 63% of US households owning pets, the pet industry is the 7th largest retail segment in the US. In fact, in the past ten years pet spending has more than doubled and is expected to hit over 50 Billion by the end of the decade (if you're like us you spend more on your pets treats than you do on yours...I mean, a bag of pig ears is $25 and plastic duck retails for $17??? No wonder I haven't bought a new item of clothing in over a's all gone to the dogs!). But, the investment is well worth it...after all, what mutual fund will lick your face at the end of the day, snuggle with you and make you feel like everything's okay?
Statistics show that pet owners live more fulfilled lives than those without, so why not spoil your best friend from time to time? One of my favorite modern design companies, Design Within Reach, has wiggled its way into the pet market developing several unique items. If our dogs had thumbs, they'd give two up to the CHARLYBOX traveling pet bowl. Think of it as a canteen for pets, this folding shatterproof plastic carrier holds 2L of water in one side and two separate areas on the other for snacks, food and water. So, next time you take your dog out into the world, make sure he can eat!
TIME TO COMPLETE TASK: 3-5 days for delivery
COST: $60 at Design Within Reach ( for the Charlybox traveling dog bowl
STRESS LEVEL: Enjoying the dog days of summer with your pet: LOW