Tuesday, June 30, 2009


If you've read my tips with any regularity then you're well aware that Joe and I flew our comfy coop in LA last year to build a new nest on the east coast, an hour north of Manhattan (as the crow flies). Upon landing at our new pad we felt like lucky ducks to have an opportunity to live in such a beautiful part of the world. Then, reality set in...while the world around us is a spectacular canvas of green rolling hills, lush gardens, clear blue skies and rich history, the walls around us were literally crumbling down! While standing on our front porch contemplating a move back west, I watched a bird gingerly build a nest, one twig at a time...unfortunately that nest was in the dryer vent of our laundry room (I wondered why I kept seeing bird feathers in the lint tray). Just like that smart little bird, we've attacked this once overwhelming project one room at a time...twig by twig. To help save time, money and energy we purchased front loading washer/dryer units and decided to move the laundry room from its current location upstairs (in what was the master walk-in closet) to a downstairs half-bath. The new location is easier to access, has better ventilation and, God forbid the unit ever floods, the water will drain into our basement and not onto our Birdseye maple table below! After getting a plumbers estimate I wanted to flip him the bird, but because I landed such a great catch, Joe installed it for less than a third!!!
TIME TO COMPLETE TASK: Installation of new units (plumbing, etc.) 5 hours
COST: Front loading machines start as low as $395 at Lowe's and Home Depot
STRESS LEVEL: Taking a load off: LOW