Friday, June 19, 2009


Yes, times are tough, but don't fall prey to the lure of furniture companies desperate to make a buck in these difficult economic times. Like annoying weeds in your backyard, salesman around the country desperate to turn a sale are popping up all over the place. My advice: save your money, tighten your belt and do it yourself! A single lady with a love of the beach and palm trees approached me for help in her bedroom. She wanted a transformation but, because money doesn't grow on trees, turned to me for an easy, inexpensive solution. Her number one request: a canopy over her bed to create a beach-like setting. So, we headed to my home...the Home Depot. Bamboo, the largest member of the grass family and fastest growing woody plant in the world, is inexpensive and can transform your outside space or indoors, can make a snazzy place! BAMBOO FOR YOU:
Its easier and cheaper than you think to transform a bedroom with the addition of our favorite weed, bamboo. The home depot sells bamboo sticks in lengths of 4-5'. Purchase four (to make a square) and if need be, you can have the kind folks at the home depot cut them to size for you. You'll also need 16 loop hooks (threaded on one end like a screw and looped on the other) and fishing wire. You can find inexpensive sheer curtain panels at walmart, target or Ikea. Slip one panel onto each bamboo stick, add one hook to either end of stick and lay out all four sticks on bed in square formation. Measure where hooks on ceiling should go (directly above panel hooks). Loop fishing wire through hoop on ceiling to bamboo and raise panels to desired height. Tuck panels behind headboard and foot board to keep out of sleepers way. Phew! In a few easy steps, you too can be bamboozled!
COST: $18.00 for four bamboo sticks, hooks, fishing wire and sheer panels
STRESS LEVEL: Bamboo for me and you: LOW