Thursday, May 28, 2009


I'm officially old! After receiving a text message from a friend this morning I had to log onto to figure out what on earth she was saying (a great site, by the way, if you need to decipher annoying text messages or other chat mumbo jumbo!). Thirty years ago, growing up in God Knows Where, New Mexico my mother called us to dinner by beating a drum in our front yard. Sure, our neighbors thought we were a family of total nutballs, but it got the job done. From ten miles away we could hear the beating of her drum and knew it was time to high-tail it to the dinner table. Today people use text messaging to communicate just about everything...PAW (Parents Are Watching), OMG (Oh My God), LMAO (Laughing My Ass Off). Who knew after the 1989 ad slogan for the Yellow Pages, "Let your fingers do the walking" that we'd evolve into a society where our fingers did the talking? Today, feeling like an OLDFRT living in BFE, I decided to buy walkie talkies to open the lines of communication in our home. No, we don't live in Versailles or Candy Spelling's 27,000 square foot manse, but on any given day you'll find Joe on one end of the house cooking and me upstairs Googling it trying to figure out WTHIS (What The Heck It Is!). Because a string and two cans just don't cut it anymore, I figured Walkie Talkies were the next best thing! With a ten mile radius, Walkie Talkie's are a great way to keep in touch just about anywhere...strap one to your kid before they head out to play, drop it in your husbands pocket before he goes on his way and keep tabs on everyone throughout the day!
TIME TO COMPLETE TASK: Available in Best Buy stores or order online
COST: The Motorolla Walkie Talkie $19.99 at Best Buy
STRESS LEVEL: Being able to talkie as I walkie: LOW