Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Before the race for President began, in an interview conducted by the Chicago Times, Michelle Obama was asked about her favorite part of the campaign trail. She thought about it for a minute then replied, "I love visiting people's homes because I often leave with great decorating ideas." Yesterday, while shooting a video on the set of Sesame Street on health and nutrition with Elmo, the First Lady (who later admitted it was her favorite interview to date) inquired about the kitchen facilities on Sesame Street. Where did they keep the produce fresh? Oscar's trash can? Big Birds nest? Nope, said Elmo, "we find a teeny, tiny fridge works best." Before the interview ended the First Lady revealed a secret to Sesame Street Land....she's got a tiny fridge too, next to her night stand! So, if this hot momma has one, why don't you buy one for yours this Mother's Day? I found a great deal on a portable refrigerator/heater at This tiny fridge holds a six pack of soda, plugs into your outlet at home or cigarette lighter in your car (perfect for camping, the beach, picnics) cools to 41 degrees or heats things up to 149! For under sixty bucks, buy your mother something that she won't think sucks!
TIME TO COMPLETE TASK: Order by Thursday at noon for FREE delivery this weekend
COST: $59.99 at (also comes in black)
STRESS LEVEL: Getting a hot deal on a cool item: LOW