Friday, May 1, 2009


Ms. California needs to book an appointment with Ms. Manners before she opens her mouth again and inserts that dirty foot one more time! Instead of launching on what a ridiculous, self-righteous, homophobic fool I think she is (I mean, who would think two classy men like those portrayed in the photo above shouldn't have the right to marry?), the gentleman in me has decided to focus on other things today like pageant etiquette. According to the Miss America website, in order to participate in a pageant contestants must "meet character criteria as set forth by the Miss America Organization"and attend etiquette classes covering everything from how to properly shake hands to which fork to use at the dinner table. What on earth would Ms. California think if she came to our house where we stick utensils everywhere, including deep into bowls of chocolate? While we weren't born with silver spoons in our mouths, we do know how to use them!
While we often love to entertain our dinner guests by showing off our unique talents of spooning each other, we often like to up the class notch a bit by introducing fun dessert items, like chocolate dipped spoons for coffee. It's easier than you'd think and will leave your guests thinking you're a class act!
1.) Place high quality chocolate (like Valrhona) in the top of a double broiler or in a heat proof bowl set over a pan of simmering water until the chocolate is melted.
2.) Dip spoon in chocolate (let excess drip off).
3.) Place spoons face-up on parchment paper and let harden at room temperature for three hours. Store in refrigerator until ready to use.
TIME TO COMPLETE TASK: 3 hours, twenty minutes
COST: Chocolate: $3.99
STRESS LEVEL: Worried that my nose is big enough to hold a spoon: HIGH