Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The mere mention of campy behavior in most circles conjures up images of flamboyant drag queens belting out Barbra Streisand songs behind beards and raspy voices. Rebellious behavior meant to mock the hypocrisy of modern culture, to act campy is to lift your middle finger to the norm, embrace your inner ruffian and prance around loud and proud. If I were in Los Angeles today I'd stand on a street corner, lift my middle finger and scream as loud as I could about the hate behind Prop 8, but today (at least for us) is a time to celebrate. The official closing of our house in California marks a new beginning for us on the east coast where we plan on building a wonderful future together, one piece of drywall at a time. While fools like Joe the Plumber rant and rave about traditional family values, my Joe is rearranging the plumbing in our half bath to accommodate a new washer and dryer. So to escape the stress and strife of life, I've decided to plan a weekend away where we can laugh and just be totally gay! While many would say I'm a "Kinsey 6" (yep, that means gay, gay, gay) I love to get away and spend time in the sticks! After a long weekend of stripping wood, I thought to escape we'd go camping in the woods! To make the stay just a little more gay, I found these great triangle plates (the set includes 2 plates, cup, lid, colander, cutting board and waterproof box for coffee or herbs and two sporks)...perfect for you and your mates!
TIME TO COMPLETE TASK: 7-10 days for shipping
COST: $25.00 at Design Within Reach
STRESS LEVEL: Camping with my favorite man: LOW