Friday, April 10, 2009


As early as the 2nd Century, Good Friday was celebrated by Christians as a day of penance and fasting, commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus. This morning I received an email from a woman apologizing for crucifying me a few weeks ago for convincing her to wallpaper her drab kitchen. When the wallpaper arrived she cursed my name and prayed to God it would all turn out. I told her what I tell many clients; have faith and trust that everything will be okay in the end. Sure enough, with the addition of wallpaper from and a few inexpensive light fixtures from Ikea, she's singing my praises and preaching the gospel of wallpaper transformations on this, a very good, Friday.
If you're planning on selling your home anytime soon I wouldn't recommend wallpaper as it's very specific to the individual, however if you want a dramatic, inexpensive transformation, this is the way to go. Design Public has beautiful paper, albeit not terribly inexpensive. On my daily rounds through Home Depot and Target I was surprised to find beautiful options for as little as $12.99/roll. Here are just a few ideas if you're not into covering an entire wall:
1.) Wallpaper the area between your counter and cupboards as a backsplash. Use a funky pattern here, in smaller form, for a more dramatic effect.
2.) Use shelf paper (Williams Sonoma has gorgeous shelf paper these days) and paper the wall inside your cabinets, behind your dishes. When you're sick of it, peel it off!
3.) Place wallpaper or shelf paper on the outside of your kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors on the recessed panel.
4.) Have an ugly desk you want to throw out? Paint it, place an interesting floral print on top and use it as a vanity for you or your children.
5.) Have a blank wall in your living room you don't know what to do with? Purchase frames in various sizes and cut wallpaper pieces, place in the frame and hang on wall for dramatic, interesting focal point.
COST: Wallpaper rolls start at $12.99, shelf paper starts at $3.99
STRESS LEVEL: Getting a Good email about a great project: LOW