Monday, April 27, 2009


The last thing this neurotic clean freak needed to hear this morning was news about the outbreak of Swine Flu, a virus that normally infects pigs, has been detected in people around the world, including several cases in the United States. Officials say the number one defense against the virus is frequent hand washing with soap and water, especially after being out in public. After spending the better part of the weekend outdoors chopping down trees, priming the trim on the outside of the house and cleaning our garage, at the end of the day we looked like filthy, dirty little pigs. Mildly hysterical about the tree sap and primer all over my hands, I ran to my doctor for help...Dr. Bronner, that is! While I'm still a little confused about the babble on his bottles (every square inch of Dr. Bronner products are covered with rambling text) it's what's inside that really matters! Dr. Bronner's Magic Hemp Soaps are made with organic oils and can remove just about anything. His motto, "health is our greatest wealth" bubbles in every ounce of this product that has removed pounds of filth from my hands including oil, tree sap, paint and on occasion the scent of dirty puppy rump from our sofas (just put a little water and Dr. Bronner's hand soap on a paper towel and wipe down any surface for a fresh, clean new start).Don't's organic!
TIME TO COMPLETE TASK: Washing hands: one minute
COST: a 16 oz bottle should run around $7.75 and is sold at Trader Joe's, Target and health food stores around the country.
STRESS LEVEL: Washing my hands of it: LOW