Thursday, April 16, 2009


Believe it or not, occasionally I leave the aisles of our local Target (albeit very rarely) in search of interesting, unique items either for our home (often to the detriment of my minimalist, less-is-more fact, I've started hiding some of my favorite finds throughout our house so Joe doesn't think I've gone off the deep end). One of the things I'd love to have before I die is a lovely little plantation home in Savannah, Georgia (don't ask..I think I was channeling Julia Sugarbaker from "Designing Women"). While researching homes, antique shops and other lovely southern bells and whistles, I happened upon my new favorite store..AT WEST END, located in Raymond, Mississippi (or At West End is an adorable company with everything from Buddha heads for your garden to recycled trash baskets and candle holders. The accessories are handcrafted and finished using natural, renewable resources and salvage materials. One of my favorite items (and great gift idea) are the metal tubs with stands which could be used at parties to hold cold beverages, in a living room to store magazines or papers for a fire or outdoors as a planter. The finishes will naturally rust if left outside and come in rustic copper (my favorite), mustard, red and lime for only $39! Gotta love that... save the world while saving a buck!
TIME TO COMPLETE TASK: Can ship next day
STRESS LEVEL: Filling my new bucket with cool things: LOW