Thursday, April 2, 2009


God love the Queen who presented the Obama's with an autographed 8x10 photo of herself yesterday while hosting them at Buckingham Palace. The Obamas, in return, gave the Queen a quintessentially American gift of an iPod, complete with downloads of the Queens favorite tunes (ACDC, perhaps? Madonna's "Warm Inside" maybe?). While I appreciate where they were going with the hip, trendy gift, I'm not sure if the Queen Mum (in need of a hip replacement) got it! That tight old broad needs to loosen up, chill out and have some fun...what would I have brought the cold Brit? A little something to warm her the Fire and Ice folding fire bowl from Target..during the day the Queen could fill it with ice and bubbly to loosen up her guests and by nightfall light a fire to get them all hot and bothered! If you're planning on having a ball this summer, start with a little fun in the bowl!
TIME TO COMPLETE TASK: Available in stores or ships in 72 hours
COST: $79.99 for the Fire and Ice Folding Fire Bowl at (Great mothers day or Father's day gift idea! Include their favorite beverage or box of Duraflame logs and lighter!)
STRESS LEVEL: Fueling the Flame while sipping a cold one: LOW