Wednesday, March 18, 2009


One of my favorite parts of a Chinese meal is the fortune cookie at the end of it. I find humor in the most random places and years ago (I was probably still in braces and sporting a perm) started adding the phrase, "in bed" at the end of my fortune; "You will be wildly successful in bed , You will find great fortune in bed, You are a very wise person in bed..." Bless my nerdy little permed heart, but it always made me laugh. Yesterday as I ran around preparing for my trip to Seattle I popped into a Chinese restaurant, The Sleepy Chicken, (the name frightened me a bit but hunger took over and I decided to brave it) where my fortune read, "Be Yourself!" Humm...Be yourself in bed. Who am I in bed? I'm an incredibly restless sleeper and Joe has the bruises to prove it! A comfortable mattress, in my opinion, is one of the most important pieces of furniture you'll ever buy. Last week I spent three hours in a Florida mattress store with clients picking out the perfect Queen. I wanted to scratch my eyes out as they reinacted The Princess and the Pea on every single mattress, but I understood. As I prepare to head to Seattle today my only hope is that the bed that awaits me is as comfortable as the one I'm leaving. If you want more cushion for the pushin and don't want to throw money out the window on a new mattress, head to Target where they have an array of mattress pads that are guaranteed to turn a stiff one soft! (While I'm Sleeping in Seattle for the next few days, catch up on hechtips! Next Monday I'll be back with fresh ideas..especially if I'm tossing and turning for the next few nights!)
TIME TO COMPLETE TASK: Two minutes to install
COST: Example above was $119 at Target where they start as low as $19.99
STRESS LEVEL: Sleeping as sound as the Princess and the Pea: LOW