Thursday, March 12, 2009


75 year-old Bernie Madoff headed to court today after a massive paper trail led investigators to a warehouse containing boxes and file cabinets stuffed with documents, which helped crack the case on the $50 Billion Dollar Ponzi scheme and will most likely send Madoff from his penthouse to the big house for up to 150 years. Sipping coffee this morning in our big house I thought up a scheme to hide the cracked walls in our tiny, cell-like downstairs bathroom. Pulling back what seemed like 150 year-old wallpaper we revealed the nasty secrets of this old house...the walls were literally crumbling down around us, safely hidden behind layers of paper. To help dig us out of this mess I decided to go Design Public, that is, one of my favorite online design stores ( where I researched "Paintables," wallpaper made of paintable vinyl, perfect for problem ceilings or walls. Wallpaper, while both trendy and beautiful, can also provide an extra layer of protection against nasty cracks and blemishes. Paintables come in an array of patterns and textures and can be painted to match any rooms decor. So, if there are cracks in your story, cover them up with an interesting trail of paper!
COST: $25/roll (roll is 20" wide by 11 yards long) at
STRESS LEVEL: Covering up our mess with a trail of hot paper: LOW