Monday, March 30, 2009


The Gardening Goddess herself, Martha Stewart, has graced the aisles of our heavenly gardens but would think we were devils if she saw them now! Before the frost of winter killed them, realizing they'd seen better days, we decided to mow down our garden beds last fall, praying to resurrect new, lively plants in the spring. While watching Planet Earth last night we decided to devise our new garden scheme, so looked to the heavens above for a little help (actually, Google Earth), printed up a map of our property and came up with a plan. Joe's dream is to have a garden we can cook from every day while I pray to God we keep the rodents away! Whether you have four acres or four feet, add a little green to your design scheme and mother earth will think you're an angel!
Before I ever dreamed of having my own garden, I grew herbs in my apartment in West Hollywood so I could A.) Impress friends with my green thumb and B.) have herbs at the ready for cooking..especially my favorite dish, Rosemary and Basil Chicken. It's easier than you think to grab a clay pot, a little potting soil and packet of herbs from the Home Depot (all for under $10) or, as a great gift idea...mother's day is just around the corner...Smith and Hawken sells beautiful, pre-potted and grown topiaries, including Rosemary. Buy your favorite herb, include a delicious recipe and send it to your mother, with love from her little angel!
TIME TO COMPLETE TASK: 7-10 days for delivery of potted, pre-grown plants
COST: $39.99 for set of three Rosemary Topiaries at Smith & Hawken (
STRESS LEVEL: Enjoying Rosemary's Baby: LOW