Wednesday, March 11, 2009


In Los Angeles the mere suggestion of precipitation causes pandemonium. If it's misting outside the weathermen declare "Storm Watch" forcing Angelenos to seek refuge by closing their sunroofs and raising convertible tops. On the east coast it's an entirely different story where people say if you don't like the weather, just wait a's bound to change. While spring has sprung you wouldn't know it by looking out our window as yet another Alberta Clipper system is passing through (Clippers form east of the Canadian Rockies and sail southeastward delivering strong, frigid winds and often producing true blizzard conditions, due to severe blowing and drifting). With a passing storm outside today I needed a little extra light to read the weather report so flipped on our clip lights and flipped out! When we moved here we needed an inexpensive, bright idea to our dark, dreary kitchen so we purchased clip lights at the Home Depot for $3.99 each for a quick fix. While they helped lighten things up, I stormed off in a dark rage. I love the Home Depot but I don't want our house to look like a Home Depot, so today I decided to soften things up by painting our nasty clippers. Here's a cheap tip if you need inexpensive lighting you can put anywhere; clip lights, usually used in construction zones, can be transformed by adding one coat of enamel paint, leaving the bottom rim unpainted. So, if you're flipping out about bad lighting, run out and grab some clip lights to brighten your day!
COST: Clip lights $3.99-12.99/each at Lowes and Home Depot
STRESS LEVEL: Seeing the light: LOW