Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Don't let Rihanna's boyfriend know, but black and blue are actually a beautiful, soothing combination and, according to this designer, trending for 2009! No matter who you are, chances are you've taken a hit this year, so to soften the blow at home pick up a brush and take matters into your own hands. Many people are still afraid to invite it into their homes but if you want real change go black and, trust me, you won't wanna go back! The cabinets of our outdoor kitchen were painted a lovely shade of green to mimic a hedge, but I decided to paint it black and blue to give it a bit of an edge! If it's change you want to get the cash you need, painting is the best way to help you take the lead!
To get an edge in this tough real estate market more clients are asking what the least expensive solution is to transform their homes; a can of paint! While our home (In New York) isn't on the market, when I came home from the grocery store last night I decided I wanted change in our outdoor kitchen. So, I painted over the green with black and blue (I have yet to do the floors but they'll be "soothing grey porch and floor paint") and with the combination of stainless steel counters and appliances, it's a beautiful hue!
COST: $12.99 for Behr's "Black Suede" and "Hushed Blue" By Evermore @ Home Depot
STRESS LEVEL: Going black without breaking my back: LOW